Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My 2nd 5K

I finished it!

The On Cosby Moonshine Run, 2012.  And I finished 38th out of 88, I believe.  I read the results whilst near-frozen, so I could be wrong by a little, but not a lot.  I did not, however, meet my goal, which was to finish 2 minutes better than my first one.  So, maybe that was a bit ambitious.  My official finish time was 31:11.  It must be noted that this race was actually .26 mile longer as recorded by my Garmin, so the fact that I finished 25 seconds slower but went further is, like, wow!

First in my age group as well.

Pictures to follow as soon as my cheerleaders (I had 3!!!) send them to me.

The weather was warm enough that I went shorts, long sleeve T and light jacket to start.  The jacket was removed in the first half mile and was secured around my waist for the duration.  Which was a good thing.  I didn't know any other runners or walkers, but they appeared to be a fun bunch.  Truly, I was scoping out the competition, because that pernicious competitive spirit was upon me.  I don't think I'd gone quite one mile before the overall winners passed me on their way back.  Several (better) people in front of me cheered them, but I thought 'oh HELL no.  too soon!' but I did smile at the second place guy because he was polite and friendly during my warmup.  The course was a gradual rise up Highway 32 towards the Cosby Campground but turning left onto Liberty Road after about a half mile.  Then it was a nice downhill along a creek and through some lovely homes (but I really wasn't looking at them!).  The long slog back up was not pretty, and I had to break down and walk twice.  >.<  My favorite face again.  That was another goal I didn't quite meet.

But I finished and I felt good.  I have trouble comprehending how far out of shape I was and how long (at my AGE) it takes to get back in.  Shape, I mean.


Monday, October 22, 2012

Oppan Gangnam Style

and no, I'm not going all Psy on you.

I was reminiscing about my misspent youth and how I wanted to be in a gang.

Now, there aren't any gangs for suburban white girls (with the possible exception of sororities), so I had to invent one.

I christened it Vigilante Force and my idea of it was equal parts Merry Pranksters, Wild Wild West and The Avengers.  I forced my friends to join and we used to terrorize the seasonal personnel who lived in our neighborhood.  With endless games of Kick the Can and catchy catchphrases like 'be a lert!  the world needs more lerts!'  Oh, it was a simple time.  Anyway, here's a good song about gangs and growing up.  Not that I'm in any way, shape or form condoning violence.  Unless it's in a moderated forum/presidential debate.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Attack of the Ginormous Insects!!!!

(cue spooky music)


Well, actually they - and by this I mean it - came from the parking lot of Kroger's the other day.  It flew at me, not quite bee-like in its determination but speedy for its size, and I brushed it away.

Or rather, I THOUGHT I brushed it away.  When I felt evil little footsteps on my throat, I realized different and did the GetItOff!GETITOFF!GETITOFF!!!! Dance.

Point, me.

It relocated to my windshield and continued to terrorize me while I drove.

Point, bug.

I did stop panicking long enough to snap a quick phone photo and if you are observant, you will notice the antenna of his alien overlord master in the corner of the photo.  Holy Orson Welles, Batman!

Anyhoo, this is a stink bug, a Brown Marmorated Stink Bug to be precise, and we are having a bumper crop of them this fall.  Trust local tv to inform and forewarn on what must've been the slowest news day ever.