Monday, June 13, 2011

Feeling Special

Special Ed, that is.

Had my second official drawing class last night.  My take on the camp chair with sock monkey garnered this response from my instructor:  Why don't you try drawing it with your left hand?  So, I did.

This is it -

Kind of faintly drawn, I realize.  Must remember to draw WITH PURPOSE.

But overall, I like it.  I like that little monkey face.  A lot.

The very nice lady on my right asked me if I was sure I was right handed.  That's been food for thought ever since.  I don't do anything much naturally with my left hand, but I am so flummoxed trying to draw with my right.  It leaves me feeling frustrated, angry and stupid.  Especially stupid.  I can *see* it, so why can't I draw it?  And then the instructor was going on and on and on about angles and what you see first and how everything else is in relation to that and it made me feel all swimmy-headed and even stupider.  Words!  I know words!  I speak them all the time and sometimes even write them!  But I could not get it - I could not see what she was trying to show me and I just nearly cried.  In class.  The shame.  I have ALWAYS been an A student.

This is most definitely out of my comfort zone.

God help me.

p.s. I drew this one upside down in attempt to get my right brain working!  I think it helps, but unfortunately the world does not cooperate.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Star Wars Wisdom, or

How I Learned to Leave the Library and Pick Up the Pen

                           less thinking, more doing
                            a book never drew a picture
                            that poem ain't gonna write itself
                            (well, sometimes it might)
                            the doing is the plan.

This is a poem I wrote this morning to remind myself to stop reading about doing things and start doing them.  Yes, it's a poem, because I say it is.  And it's an accomplishment, regardless of its quality.

There is no try.  There is only do and do not.

We won't talk about the drawing book the library finally located - I reserved it weeks ago!  I can't help it if it was lost on the shelves!