Wednesday, November 03, 2010

And now, more of the same!

Yep, I went and pulled the lever on my local voting machine yesterday. Technically, it was more of a button punch, but no matter. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, as the French say. Not that I was expecting anything different, but I was hoping, foolish me, that voters might have learned a few things since Carter was in office. No such luck. OMG! We voted a black man President and I'm STILL poor!!! More borrowed language: The petite bourgeoisie panicked, prompting poseurs and protégés alike to protest. In ridiculous numbers, apparently. And I shouldn't be surprised. I went all Crack Rock Steady after W's re-election. It's tough being sorta blue in a mos def red state. I don't have a clear cut political ideology. I understand that folks need to help themselves. I also understand that sometimes people need help, too. At my most radical, I'm all for free electricity and water (a per capita amount, naturally - not unlimited), because producing them wreaks havoc on OUR world. And just to put it out there, if it was free, goodbye lawsuits? Not that litigation is inherently evil, but there does to seem to be a class of professional instigators who sue for fun. I am perfectly willing to be wrong about this!

Anyway, I am dutifully trying to adjust my attitude to the new reality. Basket Case? or Blockheads? A little of both, I'm afraid.