Monday, January 31, 2005

my first post

and I can't think of a thing to say. or write. and that's not an auspicious beginning. well, ok, I just dumped a giant glass of water all over me and my keyboard. That's not so auspicious either.
Tunage: REM, Automatic for the People. Now drinking: apricot tea (not as nasty as it sounds). Location: the grind. The Most Important Thing to Know About Me Today: I'm not tolerating any bullshit, but I'm not gonna fight about it either. I'll just go home. In a huff.

So, I ask myself, why are you hopping on this blog thing like a lemming? I think the simple answer is because I got tired of boring my friends with rambling emails. Why should I get tired of boring them, well, you might well ask. As friends, they're not that great! (kidding. really! I'm talking about those other friends, not you!) And it's taking self-indulgence to a whole new level, and that can be a good thing. It's slightly more anonymous, also a good thing. I can be dull in cyberspace, along with 10 gazillion of my closer friends.

so that's the first one.