Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Meet Virginia

well, not that Virginia. And actually her name is Lucinda, but of course we are calling her Luci. She is 10 weeks old in that photo and I, remembering how few good pictures I took of Pawli Paws, have determined to take her picture every single day. I won't bore cyberville with them except possibly on a weekly basis. I am not known for my follow-thru blogging. See the Ponch post down the page - I think 4 or 5 Wednesdays have passed since then.

Anyway, this is Luci and she is very very sweet and very very dirty. She's just been spayed - good lord, they're doing them at birth now (practically) - and she can't have a bath for a few more days. She also came with a bladder infection, so housetraining has been Keystone Kop-ish. She's had her vet visit and should be on the road to recovery rapidly. The shelter described her as a shepherd cross, but her mom was a hound and daddy unknown, but he had some Chow in him. How do I know this? Black spots on her tongue. Same as my sister. By which I mean my mom and dad's puppy, har har har. The vet also thinks she might have some Rottweiler in her, which I have to admit, made my hair stand on end. I'm cool with it now, but she is probably going to be 20 pounds bigger than my ideal size dog. We will learn to cope. (I wrote 'dope' there first - tee hee hee). She's a funny little thing right now. She sits and watches more than any puppy I've ever seen. Not like she's sick, or tired or bored, but like she's studying it all and will put the lesson to use in global domination or something. I have read that Chows are almost cat-like in their aloofness and Rotties are "reserved."

It will be fun to find out who she's gonna be. Besides my beautiful smelly girl, I mean.

p.s. this is her "Pick Me! Pick Me!" photo