Monday, October 22, 2012

Oppan Gangnam Style

and no, I'm not going all Psy on you.

I was reminiscing about my misspent youth and how I wanted to be in a gang.

Now, there aren't any gangs for suburban white girls (with the possible exception of sororities), so I had to invent one.

I christened it Vigilante Force and my idea of it was equal parts Merry Pranksters, Wild Wild West and The Avengers.  I forced my friends to join and we used to terrorize the seasonal personnel who lived in our neighborhood.  With endless games of Kick the Can and catchy catchphrases like 'be a lert!  the world needs more lerts!'  Oh, it was a simple time.  Anyway, here's a good song about gangs and growing up.  Not that I'm in any way, shape or form condoning violence.  Unless it's in a moderated forum/presidential debate.

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