Thursday, September 09, 2010

Midnight to Six, Man!

So, 7 years ago, my day, and my 5th decade* on the planet began with this piece of musical perfection on the radio as I walked my dog in the darkness before the dawn. Still in that darkness, but that's another story. Here, at the beginning of my 48th year (again, counting from ZERO), I pause to reflect on what, if anything, I've managed to learn or figure out during my walk around the earth. Fear not. This is not a life lesson. This is not an Impartation of Knowledge. This is only aimless pondering. Kinda like Peggy Hill's Musings.

These things I know: I'm done with fashion/beauty magazines - tried to read Glamour at the doctor's office the other day, could not have been less interested. I'm done with keeping up with the pop-culture Joneses. You know who you are. And you will give up one day as well. When you have a *life*. I'm done with trying to be what I'm not. I'm done with owning stuff. Stuff is meant to be used, not collected and I do not want to spend The Last Half of my life dusting. I'm all about the comfortable shoes, but I'm not settling for ugly ones yet. I am not opposed to some 'give' in a fabric. Particularly in a waist band.

Not much for 47 years. Guess I better pack a lot in in the next 47.

*Man, that's some complicated math! Ages 0-10, Decade 1; 11-20, Decade 2; 21-30, Decade 3; 31-40, Decade 4. I am *not* in my 50's. Yet!

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